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  Postpartum Depression: 800-773-6667

Postpartum Support International: 800-944-4773

Crisis Line: 855-662-7474

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-8255


20 percent of

pregnant women

and new mothers 

experience depression" 

We are dedicated to spreading the awareness of perinatal depression women experience when pregnant. We feel it is very important to educate everyone on the different types of depression you can go thru during pregnancy.


Perinatal depression is a silent type of depression that many women often experience and don't share because of feeling afraid of what others may think or feel ashamed that they can't shake off uncontrolled feelings or hormones. Women often feel guilty for feeling or thinking unhealthy thoughts. We want to raise awareness that even though you might have never experienced depression, you could still develop depression during pregnancy.

Kassy was born in New York a very happy, energetic and independent baby.  She always knew how to get herself out of a situation. Weather it was learning how to crawl or how to ride her bike. 


She was an active ballet/jazz dancer since the age of 3 through her teen years when we moved here to New Mexico.  She continued keeping busy by becoming a Varsity Cheerleader for Cleveland High School.  She was in the first class to graduate from the new high school in Rio Rancho.


After graduating from High School, she excelled in her jobs in maintaining management positions and soon ventured to Pittsburgh University to continue studying for Occupational Therapy.  Her goal was to work with children and help them develop all their living skills to be self reliant. She had done some volunteer work shadowing an occupational therapist at a children's facility. She knew then what her specialty would be.


Soon after she became engaged, which led her to travel back home to prepare for her wedding. She was very excited to prepare for her next chapter in life. She understood she was going to make some changes in her plans like putting her education 2nd in line.  She started to feel overwhelmed with some preparations but that didn't affect her because she dreamed of this day all her life.  So together with her family we went thru step by step getting all the preparations done.  They chose to get married at home in a quiet surrounding of just intimate family and have their reception a couple of months down the road to share with family and friends.


The newlyweds soon found out they were expecting their first child.  She continued to work full time as her husband finished school.  Thru that short time in her pregnancy she was promoted to a management position, her puppy passed away, marriage was taking a toll on more responsibility being put on her.  Physically and emotionally she started to go thru a hard time handling it all. We all felt she was handling it well. She on the contrary started to question her emotions. She didn't seek for help, nor with family, religious leader or friends.  She did go to her husband, but he didn't understand her concerns.  Even at her appointments her mid-wife didn't see the concern to ask questions regarding her inner feelings.  She seemed like she was handling it all well, her daily back pain, daily vomiting, several bloody nose incidents and emotional imbalance. 


The effects of not recognizing and treating depression can be very serious.  Like in this case, her no longer being with us.  We will never fully understand how our body can trigger under stressful situations, but we could learn that pregnancy is a delicate status and should be treated with open eyes and ears to a women's needs. I hope that we could all share this information with people we may know are expecting or are planning to start their families. Having knowledge of perinatal depression helps more people be aware of signs and be prepared.

I hope if any of you are interested in wanting to help spread the word, or if you like to share a personal experience just email me.  I would like to put it up on the website and people might be able to relate and get help.

Perinatal Depression
If you are pregnant and are experiencing any of these problems you may have Perinatal depression.
  • Crying often
  • Sleep Problems
  • Fatigue
  • Change of Appetite
  • Loss of enjoyment of activities
  • Anxiety
  • Scared to be alone
  • Poor fetal attachment
Please seek help from loved one's or medical attention right away if you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you are never alone.
LINK: Department of Health on Perinatal Depression
LINK: healthLINE on Perinatal Depression
LINK: Beyond the Blues
LINK: Postpartum Support International
LINK: Perinatal Mental Health
LINK: March of Dimes
LINK: Nacersano March of Dimes

Daniel Ortiz American Dream...helping to further the education of perinatal depression.

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