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On December 1, 2014 Kassy got married and had many dreams and plans. As we know sometimes things don't always work out that way.  December 30, 2014 Kassy was asked if she was pregnant since she seemed more exhausted then usual and hungrier then usual. She soon after found out she in fact was expecting. We were all extremely happy to find out this exciting news! Kassy was one of the seven children who expressed the most excitement of one day getting married and having a baby of her own.

Very early into her pregnancy she had shared being more tired then usual, unable to sleep, very sick and in pain a lot. Symptoms we believed to be normal for her first trimester in her pregnancy.  Along with pregnancy hormones we also noticed her mood swings from being emotional to quickly irritable. Again believing this to be normal.  It took an affect on her because she would feel guilty of how she would react to some situations.

Unfortunately, we were wrong...March 22, 2015 after a long, stressful and emotional night our beloved Kassy took her own life. Leaving family, friends and loved ones confused, in shock and hurt. Many of us not understanding what could have led her to take that action. Some of us had just spoken to her the day before. Had discussed so many plans for the days ahead. After examining and learning about Kassys feelings during her pregnancy we learned about Perinatal Depression. It caused this huge turmoil in her mind that took her to a very sad and dark place. Although she had many that loved her she didn't think anyone could understand her inner feelings of confusion and worrisome. If she or ourselves would have known the signs we would have known how to help her.

Here she was the third daughter in the family who was having a baby and experiencing feelings neither her sisters or I ever experienced.  She felt alone, ashamed and scared.  We look back now and realized the signs. We, her family strive to bring attention and awareness to the different types of depression that can appear during pregnancy.  We have learned that the rapid increase in hormone levels during pregnancy can disrupt brain chemistry and sometimes lead to depression.  Kassy had no history of depression.  As we have learned now, depression don't discriminate on age, race or social life style.

All those that knew her knew she was happy—a lively young women with dreams, goals and plans for the future. She always put others before herself. She loved to help people.  We continue to do as she would if she were here. This is how Kassy's Kause was born. We hope that through this we can help other women, who may be experiencing these feelings, educate themselves and those around them. We want people to learn the signs and be able to catch these red flags before it's too late.  Especially the partners, they would be the first to see them. We want to express the importance of listening to a woman when they are pregnant. They sometimes are asking for help if we listen between the lines. Kassy had expressed concern several times during her pregnancy. She would ask, "if she will eventually feel normal again". Those were her own words  We feel it's important to inform future mothers that they are normal and not alone when experiencing those inner feelings. They should contact their provider, speak to someone and ask for help.

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